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Why Do So Many People Choose Wet Toilet Paper?

May 07,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Wet toilet paper is still a relatively new thing for many people, and it has only been available for three or five years. Many people never use toilet paper again after trying it. I believe that there are still many people who have not used it and can't understand it - then let's talk about it today, what is the sacredness of wet toilet paper.


Wet toilet paper looks very much like wet wipes, and even the main components are basically the same: non-woven fabric and water.


But why do we wipe butts with wet toilet paper and not wipes? There are three main reasons:


1. The most critical point, the non-woven fabric used for wet toilet paper is a flushable non-woven fabric. In other words, if it is placed in water for a period of time, it can dissolve automatically, but wet wipes will not work. This means that wet toilet paper can be thrown directly into the toilet without clogging (like toilet paper).


2. Wet toilet paper has less water content. When I used it for the first time, I also had this concern - how do I wear pants when my butt is wet after wiping? After using it, I found out that although the wet toilet paper feels wet to the touch, there is no moisture left on the skin after wiping.


3. Moisturizing and sterilizing ingredients are added to wet toilet paper, which is different from wet wipes. There are also many types of wet wipes, such as the baby mouth and hand wipes, which have sterilization ingredients added. Ordinary baby wipes have more moisturizing ingredients. Only private wet wipes can add two ingredients at the same time, but the added bactericidal ingredients often have strong irritation to the skin and are not suitable for fragile chrysanthemums.


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