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Why Choose Disposable Cotton Towels?

Jun 10,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

The skin condition is not good in the changing seasons, and skin care products are difficult to absorb, which can easily lead to difficult makeup application and easy powdery phenomenon. For girls, face washing is the basis of skincare. Only after washing your face can follow-up moisturizing and moisturizing keep up, so that you can have smooth and clear skin. Are you still washing your face with a thick towel at home? Throw it away! Change to a disposable cotton towel now!


Because the traditional thick towel is placed in a relatively humid place such as the bathroom, it is easy to breed bacteria and become hard and yellow. It happens that these bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. Long-term use can cause clogged pores on the face, acne, closed mouth, acne, and other conditions to cause damage to the skin.


And this disposable cotton towel is made of natural plant fiber textile cotton material without formaldehyde, fluorescent agent, dyeing agent, fragrance, and other chemical additions. Soft and skin-friendly, the ingredients are natural and soft, not inferior cotton, and sensitive skin can also be used with confidence. It is gentle and non-irritating to wash your face.


Moreover, using this disposable towel is not easy to develop acne, the skin is free from bacteria, mites, cotton wool, etc., and it will not cause a burden on the skin.


It can also be used to remove makeup besides daily face wash and wiping, partial moisturizing and hydrating, and secondary cleaning and wiping. Clean and remove makeup in one step, contracting the need of cleansing the skin.


In addition to cleansing and removing makeup, it can also wipe the baby's mouth, wipe hands, clean kitchen utensils, wipe fruit, etc. After using it, it is reluctant to throw it away, and it can be reused. Wipe the table, wipe the glass, wipe the shoes, wipe the screen of the mobile phone... It's really clean with a single wipe, and it won't leave a bit of cotton wool.


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