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Which One Is Better, Disposable Cotton Towel Or Towel?

Aug 26,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Washing your face is something everyone does every day, and facial cleansing is indeed a key step in skin care. When we were kids, we were all wiped off with a towel by our mother. But in recent years, things like disposable cotton towels have become popular on the Internet.

It is said that there will be a lot of bacteria on the towel, so a face towel that is thrown at a time is the best choice. A small number of people choose to air dry after washing their faces, while most of the others still wipe off the water after washing their faces. The things they use include face towels, toilet paper, towels, and other supplies. It is found that a lot of people use face towels.

Some people choose to use disposable face towels because towels have a lot of bacteria.

There are human dander and sebum on the towel, and it is relatively humid, which is an excellent breeding ground for bacterial growth, and the number will increase with the use of time, and millions of bacteria can also be achieved.

But humans and microorganisms have always been inseparable. Even if the towel has bacteria, it can be used normally, but too many bacteria will indeed increase the risk, especially for people with immune deficiency or facial skin problems.

Therefore, towels need to be washed and dried frequently, often placed in a ventilated place and then replaced with new towels regularly according to personal use, so it is still ok to use.

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