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Where can pet wipes be used?

Apr 15,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

It is no exaggeration to say that the cats and dogs at home are the hearts and minds of their owners. The owners may be a little scruffy themselves, but they care for the furry children is absolutely meticulous. Today, let's talk about where pet wipes can be used!
1. Daily facial cleansing. Some breeds of cats and dogs may get their faces dirty when they eat, and owners have to bother to wipe their faces after every meal.
2. Clean the soles of the feet. Needless to say, dogs have to go out for a walk every day, and they have to wipe their feet with wet towels when they get home, which is very convenient. Although most cats don't go out, they like to drill around, and sometimes they inevitably get their paws dirty, and you can wipe the dust with a wet wipe.
You can also pay special attention to the cleaning of cat paw pads because cats also lick their paws for cleaning, and the paw pads have their own unique smell, so under normal circumstances, I will not wipe the paws for cats unless it is really special If it is dirty, it still needs to be wiped clean, and the messy things can't be licked into the stomach by themselves.
3. Cleaning after going to the toilet. I believe that there are not a few friends who have cats and dogs who use wipes to wipe their pets' asses after they poop. On the one hand, the owner also loves to be clean. On the other hand, sometimes when cats and dogs are not pulling properly, there may be poop residues. It is still necessary to wipe it, otherwise, you may have to wipe the floor or clean the furniture.
4, wound cleaning. It is sometimes difficult to avoid pet injuries. Wet wipes can also be used to clean wounds. If there is no iodophor at home, you can simply use wet wipes to clean the wound around the wound, so as to see the specific injury of the pet, and then proceed to the next step. deal with.
5, to the tears. Some breeds of cats are prone to tear streaks even in healthy conditions. For example, in my Lukfu, the nasolacrimal ducts are intermittently blocked, and two large mucus is a common occurrence. If you don't clean your cat's eyes, it may stick to the eyes for a long time, which will affect the health, and of course, it will affect the appearance. The skin around the cat's eyes is very tender, and it is not suitable for wiping with dry paper towels. It is wasteful to use large wet wipes. Therefore, to clean the eyes of cats and remove tear marks, use special eye wipes, one small disc at a time. , useful and not wasted.


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