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What Is The Difference Between Wet Wipes And Sanitary Wipes?

Jan 28,2023 / / Author: ShengKui

What is the difference between wet wipes and sanitary wipes?
1. Different properties: Wet wipes are moist paper towels used to wipe the skin.
Sanitary wet wipes refer to non-woven fabrics as the carrier, water as the main raw material, adding one or more of the above ingredients such as sterilizing liquid silver ions, spices, plant extracts, skin care agents, cleaning agents, etc., with the function of cleaning objects or skin surface, Wet wipe products with a sterilization rate of more than 90% for common bacteria.
2. Different functions
Wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: they have been sterilized, but they cannot sterilize other items, and they contain skin care ingredients, which can only be used for skin moisturizing and maintenance; they are not only sterilized themselves, but also can be used for other items. Disinfectant wipes with disinfection effect can be used for disinfection or sterilization of skin abrasions and scratches.
Sanitary wet wipes are made of high-quality spunlace non-woven fabric, with a pure cotton texture, soft and skin-friendly, suitable for use on all parts of the skin; the bactericide formula is scientific and has a bactericidal effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and Escherichia coli; Alcohol-free, pure and mild, and passed the skin irritation test, it is safe to use even for babies with delicate skin.
3. The scope of application is different
Ordinary cleaning, for household or outing use, you can choose ordinary wet wipes to meet the purpose of cleaning; for those who have relatively high requirements and hope to have a certain sterilization effect after wiping, you can choose sanitary wipes, but sanitary wipes can only have A certain antibacterial effect, after a period of time after wiping, it will play a role in degerming, but it cannot achieve the effect of disinfection.
For wet wipes with special requirements that can quickly sterilize and play a disinfecting role, you must choose disinfectant wipes, which can be more thoroughly sterilized, mainly to prevent sudden influenza and so on.
Wet wipes are divided into two types according to materials: one is wet strength paper, the other is non-woven fabric. Most wet wipes are made of non-woven fabric. In terms of materials, it can be divided into two types: polyester and cotton. Polyester feels hard and slippery, while cotton feels soft.
Wet wipes are classified in terms of technology, and can be divided into cross-laying and forward-laying, and cross-laying has more uniform pulling force in all directions. Wet wipes can be divided into adult wipes and baby wipes according to the user group. Baby wipes have higher requirements and cannot add alcohol, fragrance, stimulation, fluorescent agents, etc.

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