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What Is So Good About Disposable Cotton Towels?

Nov 18,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Nowadays, many beauty bloggers and celebrities use disposable face towels, so what are the benefits of face towels, and why are so many beauty bloggers recommending them?

After the towel is used for a period of time, if it is not cleaned in time, it will breed a lot of bacteria and endanger our skin health, so disposable face towels are very necessary.

Disposable cotton towels are also called face towels. Compared with towels, face towels are tougher and less prone to deformation, so compared to cotton pads, face towels can remove makeup from the face more easily, and can be wiped repeatedly until the makeup is completely removed. The texture of the face towel is relatively soft. After cleaning the face, soak the face towel with lotion, and then wipe the facial skin for a second cleansing of the skin. In addition, the used face towel can also be used to wipe the washstand and dressing table, which is not only environmentally friendly and economical but also has good cleanliness, and it is also very convenient to take with you when traveling.

Which is better, face towels or towels? Can face towels be reused after use?

Disposable face wipes are better than towels

1. Towels are easy to breed bacteria in a humid environment for a long time, and the face is a relatively sensitive part. Long-term use is not good for the skin, while face towels are disposable, clean, and sterile, and are very suitable for wiping the face.

2. The harm of traditional towels to the face, the total number of bacteria in a towel that has been used for more than 2 years has reached tens of millions, which is likely to cause secondary sensitivity of the facial skin. Moreover, there are gaps between the fibers of the towel, and some bacteria, fungi, mites, aging cuticles, dead skin cells, etc., are easy to remain in the gaps in the fiber hairs of the towel, and the fiber hairs of the towel are relatively long, with many gaps. The bacteria that enter are not easy to clean. When the chemicals in your facial cleanser and cosmetics remain in the towel, it is easy to cause further damage to the face.

It is also very cheap to buy face towels online now. One is used every day, and more than 300 are used a year, and they can be reused. Those who have washed their faces can be used to polish shoes and wipe tables. We are a professional non-woven wet wipes manufacturer, if you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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