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The Role Of Cotton Pads Is Not Just For Makeup

Aug 19,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Cotton pads may be the cheapest and unpretentious of all make-up tools. However, beauty experts and fashionistas all point out that the role of cotton pads is not only for makeup but also for the appearance of a small, ordinary-looking body. , contains huge skin care energy. Beauty experts believe that the correct use of cotton pads and the use of cotton pads can greatly improve the skin care effect, which is also unknown to many people.

Correct use of cotton pads and excavating the usefulness of cotton pads can greatly improve the skin care effect. As we generally know, cotton pads are most often used with makeup removers and lotions, but if you can only use them in these two places, then you will underestimate this "thin" piece of cotton.

At present, the cotton pads on the market are roughly divided into two categories: absorbent cotton and non-woven fabrics. The absorbent cotton is soft and thick to the touch and has weak water absorption, which is suitable for gently wiping the keratin and applying the face. powerful. According to the shape, the cotton pad can also be divided into three types: side pressing, no pressing, and full wrapping. The side-embossed cotton pads are suitable for lotions and thin lotions, and the edge-pressed design can prevent moisture from oozing out; the non-edge-embossed cotton pads are more suitable for simple facial masks; the full-edge cotton pads have both edge-pressed ones. It is convenient, and retains the thickness of the cotton pad without a pressure edge, which can be described as an "all-match".

Cotton pads are the most common use of cotton pads for makeup remover and lotion. In addition, cotton pads are also a good assistant when paired with lotions and special functional products (such as spotlight products).

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