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Several Common Cotton Pads Materials

Jun 02,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

For girls who love skincare and makeup, cotton pads are the biggest consumables. Although it is only a small piece, it is unavoidable to use it for daily makeup removal, wet compress, and moisturizing. Common cotton pads include: What kind of materials?


Cotton material


1. Absorbent cotton


The skin feels good, it is thicker and softer, the irritation to the skin is also small, and there will be flocculation.


2. Non-woven fabric


It is relatively rough, the material is relatively thin, the friction force will be large, the water absorption force is strong, and it is suitable for wet compress.


3. Mixed fibers


It is made of a mixture of plant fiber, rayon cotton, and silk. It has good adsorption capacity, moderate water absorption, no flocculation, and no irritation. It can be used for wet compress and makeup remover.


The material of the cotton pad will have a certain impact on our skin, most of which are related to skin quality and techniques. For example, the sensitive skin itself is relatively thin and fragile, so it is not suitable for the use of makeup remover cotton. It may appear immediately after use. "Plateau red" or allergy phenomenon.


Therefore, you must choose a skincare method that suits your skin type according to your skin type. A must-have care product that is frequently used like cotton pads, no matter if it is cheap or expensive, you should choose a cotton pad that suits you according to your own situation.


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