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Pet Wipes Are Good For The Healthy Growth Of Pets

Dec 30,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

When a puppy just arrives at a new home, it will be curious about everything in this new environment, and will defecate and defecate wherever it is unfamiliar with the environment. Moreover, the ability of puppies to hold back urine is generally relatively weak, and the frequency is frequent, so it will cause the smell of the house to be more "wonderful". Such an environment will not only make the shit shoveler's mood fluctuate but also breed bacteria. It will affect the health of the excrement shoveler and the dogs, so it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning up in time. Keep a clean and healthy environment, which will be conducive to the healthy growth of puppies! For this question, we have to prepare the following things!

The first one: Pet-specific disinfectant

The pet deodorant disinfectant can effectively and quickly remove the odor in the home; the weather is cold in autumn and winter, and the air in most homes is not circulated, which is easy to breed bacteria and the odor in the home does not disperse. Households with pets should be cleaned daily to remove odors. Small pet deodorizing disinfectant, only need to spray lightly, quickly disinfect, simple and convenient. Imported edible coconut oil fatty acid is used for sterilization without stimulation. It's the smell pets love.

The second sample: pet diapers/puppy physiological pants diapers

Pet diaper is an absorbent material, the main material is cotton-like pulp and polymer absorber, which is used to absorb pet excrement. The water absorption rate can reach dozens of times its own volume, and it can expand into jelly after absorbing water. shape, no leakage, and no sticky hands. The special embossing on the surface of the diaper drains liquid quickly. Contains advanced antimicrobial agents to deodorize and eliminate odors for a long time.

The third thing: pet wipes to clean dog hair and remove odor

Sometimes after the dog defecates, a little excrement may stick to other places, and at this time pet wipes can be used to wipe the buttocks to keep it clean. In addition, pet wipes can also wipe tear stains, paws, mouth, etc., especially for cats who cannot take a bath in a short period of time, pet wipes are also a good cleaning product.

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