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Ordinary Wipes Are Not A Substitute For Pet Wipes

Aug 12,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Families with pets at home must not be without wet wipes. This is not only the most cost-effective way to meet the daily cleaning needs of pets, but also the most convenient way to ensure the hygiene and health of pets, but many people think that they are used for pets The wet wipes are enough. In fact, you should not use special pet wipes for pets. Today, I will tell you why.


1. PH value


The pH value of the pet's skin is in the range of 6.2-8.6, which is weakly alkaline, and the skin is much thinner than that of the feces collector. Using a shower gel that does not meet the skin's pH value will cause dry skin and mild itching. The same is true for wet wipes. There is a difference in pH between wet wipes used by humans and those used by pets. Therefore, if you want to use it, you should use pet-specific wipes that are close to the pH of your skin. in order to better avoid problems.


2. Usage scenarios


Pets, in some cases, are not suitable for bathing. Such as pregnant pets, menstrual pets, and young and old pets. Just because they're not suitable for bathing doesn't mean they won't get themselves dirty. Although there is also an artifact such as disposable foam, for local dirt, it is more convenient to wipe off directly with wet tissue than to use disposable foam. Although a wet towel can replace some of the functions, the effect of deodorizing and sterilizing is still inferior to that of a wet towel. Clean the mouth after eating in time, regularly clean the eyes and tear stains, and wipe the stains in the ears, and body hair You can use pet wipes when it gets dirty and cleans them in time.


3. How to use


Pet wipes can be used as needed, and they can be thrown into the trash when they are used up. The whole process can be done in one go. However, pet owners should also pay attention to cleaning their hands before using pet wipes for cute pets. You can wipe your hands with pet wipes first. Some pets may be resistant at first. The owner should appease them, don't force them too much, and let the pets get used to using wet wipes gradually.


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