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Not All Wipes Are Suitable For Babies

Jun 24,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

As the name suggests, baby hand and mouth wipes are mainly used to clean the baby's delicate hands and sensitive parts such as the face, mouth, and eyes. Because it is generally made of food-grade raw materials, it is very irritating to a baby's skin and mucous membranes. , can be ignored, affinity and zero stimulation, the baby can use it with confidence. But not all wipes can be used by babies.

Because in daily life, many ordinary wet wipes we come into contact with are widely classified, and some are really not suitable for babies.

Like the wet wipes that adults like to use in summer, they are not suitable for small babies, because they contain a lot of additives, and the baby's skin is very delicate. Once stimulated, it is easy to cause rashes and dry itching.

There are also relatively popular bactericidal wipes on the market. Although it can kill more than 90% of common bacteria, it can effectively inhibit and antibacterial, but because it contains a certain content of bactericides, this type of wipe is also good for baby's skin. There is a certain irritant, it is better to use it with caution.

The standard of hand and mouth wipes used by babies is definitely higher than that of adults, the material selection and production process requirements are more stringent, and they are determined not to contain whitening agents, fluorescent agents, pigments, alcohol, flavors, pigments, preservatives, propylene glycol, and other harmful substances Ingredients, every link and procedure must be guaranteed to be foolproof, and the safety factor is relatively high.

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