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Kitchen Wipes Are Essential In Daily Cleaning

Jul 29,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

In daily cleaning, compared to the traditional cleaning method of rag + detergent, kitchen wipes greatly improve the cleanliness of the kitchen, while reducing the difficulty of cleaning. We illustrate with two examples.

The first example: cleaning kitchen stoves, walls, and countertops

If we use the rag + cleaning agent method, we have to go through many processes and the steps are very complicated. First, spray the cleaning agent, then wait for the oil stain to decompose, and then wipe it with the rag repeatedly. At this time, the rag needs to be cleaned, and it is very difficult to encounter stubborn oil stains Difficult to clean, and can also breed bacteria. So many times, most people find it troublesome and can't clean the kitchen frequently, and the kitchen will become dirtier and dirtier over time.

And if it is replaced with kitchen wipes, there are only two steps required, that is, wipe, and then throw it away. Because the process is simple, we can do daily cleaning, which is very convenient and time-saving and is very suitable for lazy people.

Second example: cleaning of kitchen appliances

The rag + cleaning agent is fundamentally not suitable for cleaning kitchen appliances, especially since many small kitchen appliances themselves are not waterproof and have LCD screens, so they can't stand the spray of such cleaning agents at all.

The kitchen appliances of many people's families are carefully wiped to avoid the oil stains in the gaps, so many people's kitchen appliances have been used for a long time, and the presence of oil stains in the gaps is getting stronger and stronger.

However, the advantage of kitchen wipes is that the humidity of the cleaning solution is just acceptable to a small kitchen appliance, and can be wiped with confidence, whether it is a rice cooker, microwave oven, an inner or outer box of the oven, etc., just wipe it casually.

From these two examples, I believe you have gotten the benefits of kitchen wipes. But to "stay at home" for daily use, we also need to pay attention to safety when picking kitchen wipes.

At present, the main cleaning ingredients of kitchen wipes are surfactants. Remember to choose kitchen wipes with alkyl glycosides (APG), which are recognized as effective hand cleaners. To avoid kitchen wipes with anionic surfactants, the cleaning effect is good at first glance, but the damage to the opponent is not small after a long time.

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