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Kitchen Wipes Are A Good Helper For Kitchen Cleaning

Oct 09,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

No matter how careful you are when cooking, cooker hoods, tile gaps, and window frames are hard to escape the fate of getting dirty and oily. And many people have to use a rag + dishwashing liquid to wipe it over and over again every time, then wash and dry it, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also hurts hands, so gradually everyone chooses kitchen wipes for cleaning.

Kitchen wipes can effectively kill bacteria in the kitchen, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and other bacteria that are enough to cause disease. And it is generally made of thickened non-woven fabrics, which has a good protective effect on cleaning wooden, aluminum, copper, ceramic, and other tableware, and will not scratch or scratch the surface like ordinary steel balls.

The production formula is also relatively mild, does not contain alcohol, and can protect the skin of our hands while cleaning the kitchen. The ingredients contain active degreasing, usually purified water, pearl pattern jacquard non-woven fabric, alkyl glycoside (APG) ), sodium citrate, fresh lemon essence,  and other ingredients which can meet the basic needs of kitchen cleaning oil.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is the center of our lives, and it is also a place where bacteria and oil stains are easy to breed. In addition to relying on various detergents and wipes to clean the kitchen, there are actually many small tips.

1. Clean the kitchen tiles: Put toilet paper or paper towels on the kitchen tiles, and spray the detergent on it for a while, the detergent will not drip everywhere, and the grease will all stick to it. As long as the toilet paper and paper towels are torn off, and then wiped with a clean rag dipped in water, the tiles will be as smooth as new immediately. For tiles with heavy oil stains, you can stick toilet paper or paper towels on the tiles overnight, or replace them with a cotton cloth. After the oil stains are fully absorbed by the paper towels, wipe them with a damp cloth. The ventilation fan inside the range hood can also be decontaminated by this method.

2. Remove the peculiar smell of the sewer: Peel off the orange peel, grapefruit peel, etc., cut it into small pieces, put it in a pot and pour water, boil it for ten minutes, remove the skin, and pour it into the sewer while it is still hot. Once every two weeks or once a month, it can not only remove the smell but also remove the oil that accumulates on the inner wall of the sewer for a long time.

3. Clean the gaps in the plastic washing baskets: Mix 84 disinfectants and clean water in a ratio of 1:200, soak the plastic products that need to be "skinned" for two hours, and then wash them repeatedly with clean water. Will not corrode the product. Pour the rest of the water into the toilet to soak for an hour, and it will also have a cleaning effect.

I hope this content is helpful to you. A&L is a professional custom care wipes manufacturer. For more information, please continue to follow us.

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