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Is Wet Toilet Paper The Same As Wet Wipes?

Sep 09,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards and public awareness of health and hygiene, people's requirements for the quality of household paper are also rising. Driven by consumer demand, a revolutionary new product in the toilet paper industry, wet toilet paper, has emerged on the market. Strictly speaking, wet toilet paper is not a paper towel in the ordinary sense, but a substance like wet paper towel. Compared with ordinary dry paper towel, it has excellent cleaning function and comfort characteristics and can wipe excrement more conveniently and comprehensively. , menstrual blood and other dirt, the experience effect is also better.

Is wet toilet paper the same as wet wipes?

Wet toilet paper has only been available for three or five years. Many people still have a vague understanding of it. They think that wet toilet paper is wet wipes, because the two look almost the same, but they are actually different things.

First, the materials are different. The wet toilet paper on the market is mainly divided into two types: professional wet toilet paper base cloth composed of virgin wood pulp and dust-free paper; and the material of wet wipes is mainly non-woven fabrics.

Second, look at the dispersion. Wet toilet paper is produced by a wet spunlaced nonwoven process, and most are flushable. The raw materials of wet wipes include polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, etc., which cannot be washed. Therefore, flushable wet toilet paper can be thrown into the toilet, while wet wipes cannot be directly thrown into the toilet, otherwise it is easy to cause the toilet to be blocked.

Finally, look at the ingredients. There are many types of wipes, such as hand and mouth wipes, kitchen wipes, pet wipes, etc. Some contain alcohol ingredients, and some contain special cleaning factors (kitchen wipes). Wet wipes products containing these special ingredients are not suitable for cleaning sensitive skin around the anus. Due to the high water content of the wet wipes for wiping the skin, the water is not easy to volatilize. After using the wet wipes in the toilet, there is still residual water on the skin. Some people are not used to the wet skin feel, and they will dry them with dry paper towels to avoid discomfort. . After the wet toilet paper is wiped, the water attached to the skin can quickly evaporate, thereby ensuring that the perianal skin is dry and dry.

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