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Is Wet Toilet Paper An IQ Tax?

Nov 11,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

From childhood to adulthood, we are all used to using toilet paper after using the toilet. Is the emergence of wet toilet paper in recent years an IQ tax? Let's find out today.

1. Comparison of raw materials

There are many raw materials for toilet paper, commonly used natural and pollution-free raw materials such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, and straw pulp. Toilet paper requires no toxic chemicals, no raw materials that are irritating to the skin, and no residues of mold and viral bacteria. The characteristics of toilet paper are strong water absorption, no pathogenic bacteria (e. The wet toilet paper is generally made of wood pulp fiber and cellulose fiber and other raw materials, and is produced by the wet spunlace non-woven fabric process. Most of the wet toilet paper has good flushability and can be thrown away directly after use. into the toilet to reduce the spread of germs. Consumers judge whether wet toilet paper can be thrown into the toilet mainly by whether the outer packaging of the product has words or signs such as "can be thrown into the toilet" and "can be flushed".

2. Comparison of sterilization ability

Ordinary toilet paper basically does not have the ability to sterilize, but high-quality wet toilet paper can effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria. Secondly, in terms of liquid, alcohol is generally added to wet toilet paper, but wet toilet paper does not have this ingredient. Therefore, it is less damaging to the skin and less irritating to sensitive areas. An article from Harvard Medical School states that adult or baby wipes are one of the possible suspects for vulvar skin disease, which can cause stinging or burning after contact, leading to skin irritation or irritation. The most important thing is that the sterilization mechanism of high-quality wet toilet paper should be physical sterilization, that is, bacteria are taken away on the paper after wiping.

3. Comparison of cleaning ability

How dirty the poop is, I don't want to know. But what many people don't expect is that using ordinary toilet paper to wipe the buttocks will not wipe clean. This is mainly due to the special structure of chrysanthemums. For better bowel movements, chrysanthemums form a wrinkled-rich structure. It is precisely these folds that have become the "culprit" of filth. But wet toilet paper, because of its water content, can carry away dirt more easily without pulling on the skin.

4. Patients with hemorrhoids should choose wet toilet paper

Since many people like spicy food, it is easy to induce anorectal diseases. Hemorrhoids are not only because of "stigma", but also because hemorrhoids are too painful. Sitting is not, standing is not, it is difficult to sit still, toss and turn and sleep. Food should be abstained from eating, and even pooping should be careful. At this time, we should choose wet toilet paper. It is more gentle and moisturizing. With a light wipe, people can get short-term pleasure from long-term pain.

At present, there are many types of wet toilet paper on the market. When choosing wet toilet paper, you should choose wet toilet paper with thick paper, toughness and cover, and buy it according to your own needs. To purchase wipes, contact the Custom Care Wipes Company.

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