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Is It Really Necessary To Use Special Pet Wipes For Pets?

May 13,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

As more and more people keep pets, the pet product market has grown rapidly, and various pet products have sprung up. Among them, the search volume of pets has increased by 67% in the past two years. Wet wipes have always been controversial, and many people feel that there is no need for be superfluous, so are pet wipes really necessary? Is it optional? Today, I will start with some of the most frequently asked questions and answer them for you.


First: the difference between pet wipes and human wipes?


ph value: The ph value of humans is 4.5-5.5, and the ph value of pets is 6.7-7.7. The skin of pets is more sensitive than that of babies, so human wipes cannot be used by pets, and pet wipes need to see the ph value before purchasing;


Second: Can you just wipe it with a paper towel?


Every time pets go out, the soles of their feet occupy part of the dust, bacteria, or fungi. If they are wiped directly with a paper towel, they cannot even wipe away the dust, let alone bacteria or fungi.


Third: Can you just wipe it with a special wet rag?


Wet rags are more likely to harbor germs! And after wiping, the soles of the pet's feet are wet, which is prone to interdental inflammation;


Fourth: Can wet wipes only wipe pet paws?


Pet-specific wipes can be wiped: paws, eyes, saliva, buttocks, fur, mouth, after defecation, drooling, before going out, and eye secretions.


Fifth: Do some pets have the ability to clean themselves and still need wipes?


Yes, take cats as an example, because cats can’t bathe often, and cat stains or feces that haven’t been bathed for a long time are easy to clump together with cat hair, especially in long-haired cats. It is necessary to simply clean the towel, and at the same time, it can effectively sterilize and inhibit the formation of bacteria, and protect the healthy growth of cats.


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