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Is It Necessary To Use Baby Cotton Towel For Babies?

Apr 08,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

After having a baby, the most consumed daily necessities at home must be paper towels! The baby's eating, drinking, and relaxing are inseparable from all kinds of paper. Wet wipes, cotton soft towels, and soft paper towels take turns, and a large bag can be emptied in two or three days. Compared with adult paper products, the price of baby paper products is a lot more expensive. I believe many mothers have doubts, why are baby paper products so expensive? Is it really necessary to buy baby cotton towels?
What is the baby cotton towel for?
The baby cotton towel is mainly used to clean the baby. Due to its natural health and soft texture, cotton soft towels are very suitable for cleaning the baby's body. It can be used for both wet and dry use. It can wipe baby's saliva, wipe small hands, clean baby's butt after moistening it with warm water, clean baby's toys, etc.
Is it necessary to buy baby cotton towels?
The baby's skin is relatively delicate. Our usual paper hygiene standards are designed according to the conditions of adults. Ordinary dry paper towels are rough in texture and may cause damage to the baby's skin. It is recommended to choose baby cotton towels.
It is better for newborn babies to use wet and dry cotton wipes, which are better than wet wipes. First of all, the newborn's skin is delicate, and the wet and dry cotton soft towel contains a lot of cottons, and there are no harmful substances such as fluorescent whitening agents in it. It is safe for babies, and it is very convenient for both dry and wet use. Secondly, the cotton soft towel can be soaked in warm water for the baby to use, the cold wipe will irritate the baby's skin. So a baby-soft cotton towel is necessary to buy.
In addition, baby wipes can also be used to wipe baby's toys, which is much easier than washing with water or wiping with paper towels and has a better cleaning effect. It is still necessary to use baby cotton towels. The amount of wipes per baby per month depends on the baby's mouth and specific conditions. Baby wipes are specially used for babies. They are different from ordinary wipes. The material and composition are relatively mild. The different parts used, are divided into ordinary baby wipes and hand-to-mouth baby wipes. Because babies are more active, they often get dirty, so mothers will use it to wipe their hands and noses for babies.

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