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Is It Good To Use Disposable Non-Woven Gloves For Pets?

Jul 08,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

   Is it useful to use disposable non-woven gloves to clean hair on pets? The principle of pet disposable gloves is to replace the bathing of cats, and cats will not be afraid or catch a cold because of bathing. The disposable gloves are a double-sided design, and the reversed sides can be used equally to 2 sides, which can be completely cleaned. Disposable gloves save a lot of effort in washing pets, and you can clean the cat inside and out in about 15 minutes. After the disposable gloves are cleaned, there is no need to dry them with a hair dryer. It can be dried naturally, which is very suitable for timid kittens.

1. Cleaning, massaging, and moisturizing can be done with one hand, and the antibacterial rate is as high as 99%, which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria, inhibit bacteria, deodorize and nourish the hair.

2. No-foaming ingredients, no washing, not sticky at all after use, and the hair is very fluffy.

3. The pH value is mild and neutral, soft and skin-friendly, and has a certain ability to remove oil and odor and slow release.

4. Portable packaging, easy to carry and go out, the whole body can be used without dead ends.

5. Silky, flexible and not torn, good cleaning effect, imported polyester fiber, produced by high-pressure spun lace cross-lapping process, strong hydrophilicity, alcohol-free, safe, and efficient.

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