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What factors affect the surface cleaning performance of household cleaning wipes

Jan 29,2024 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

As a convenient and efficient household cleaning tool, household cleaning wipes have excellent surface cleaning functions. Their professional design and scientific formula ensure excellent cleaning results on different surfaces.
The fiber structure of cleaning wipes is key to their surface cleaning capabilities. These wipes are often made from specialty materials like microfiber or fiber mesh, which are highly absorbent and adsorbent. The microstructure of the fibers effectively captures and carries contaminants such as dust, dirt and grease, ensuring surfaces are fully and thoroughly cleaned.
The detergent formula in the wipes plays a vital role in surface cleaning effectiveness. These cleaners usually contain stain-removing, grease-removing, odor-removing and other ingredients that quickly break down and dissolve pollutants through chemical action. The professionalism of this formula ensures that the wipes can clean various surfaces during use and can cope with different pollution situations.
The surface cleaning function of household cleaning wipes also involves the control of their wetness. Wet wipes are usually pre-moistened to ensure that they are just the right amount of moisture when used to effectively deliver the cleaning agent without being too wet to cause discomfort on some sensitive surfaces. This control of wetness is a key factor in achieving effective surface cleaning.
Wet wipes are designed to avoid scratching and damaging surfaces. By choosing soft but durable materials, wipes can protect household surfaces from scratches while cleaning, especially fragile surfaces such as glass and electronic product screens. This professional design ensures that no additional damage is caused during the cleaning process.

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