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What does the moisturizer in pet wipes do

Feb 12,2024 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Moisturizers in pet wipes are ingredients added to maintain the moisture balance of your pet's skin and prevent skin dryness while cleaning.
Maintaining Skin Moisture Balance: One of the main functions of moisturizers is to help maintain the moisture balance of your pet’s skin. During the cleansing process, pet wipes may remove oil and moisture from the skin surface, while the addition of moisturizers helps prevent excessive evaporation, thereby reducing dryness and dehydration of the skin.
Prevent dry skin: Pets’ skin, like humans, is easily affected by the external environment, such as wind, cold, sun, etc. The presence of moisturizers can provide pets with adequate moisture while cleaning, preventing skin dryness and discomfort caused by environmental factors.
Slows down skin aging: Some moisturizers contain antioxidants, such as vitamin E, which help slow down the skin aging process. This helps maintain skin elasticity and health for pets who use pet wipes for a long time, especially elderly pets.
Soothes Sensitive Skin: For pets prone to allergies or with sensitive skin, the addition of moisturizers can help reduce skin discomfort. They form a protective film that reduces external irritation to the skin while soothing already irritated skin.
Improve the care effect: The use of moisturizer is not only to prevent dry skin, but also to improve the care effect of pet wipes. While moisturizing, they also make the coat softer and smoother, helping to maintain your pet's overall appearance and health.
Avoid excessive greasiness: Some pet wipes are formulated with lightweight, non-greasy moisturizers to ensure adequate moisturization without leaving an overly greasy feeling on your pet's coat and skin.

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