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What are the hygiene advantages of the non-woven construction of non-woven wipes

Dec 04,2023 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

The nonwoven structure is one of the distinguishing features of nonwoven wipes, and their hygienic advantages are widely recognized in many fields.
Avoid fiber shedding and fabric residue:
Traditional textiles can suffer from shedding of fibers, which can become suspended in the air or adhere to clean surfaces. The nonwoven construction of nonwoven wipes eliminates this problem because no weaving is required during the manufacturing process. This means users don’t have to worry about air contamination due to fiber shedding or fabric residue from the cleaning process when using the wipes.
Highly consistent fiber distribution:
The non-woven structure ensures a highly consistent distribution of fibers throughout the wipe. This provides similar hygienic performance for any part of the fabric, without being affected by uneven internal structure of the fabric. This consistency ensures that the same hygienic effect can be achieved every time it is used, and it meets hygienic standards.
Reduce the risk of microbial growth:
Nonwoven wipes reduce the risk of microbial growth because their nonwoven structure prevents fiber shedding. Traditional textiles may become an ideal hiding place for microorganisms due to the presence of fibers, and non-woven structures not only reduce the space for microorganisms to breed, but also reduce the possibility of bacterial and mold growth, making wipes more hygienic.
Suitable for areas with high hygiene standards:
In areas with extremely high hygiene standards, such as medical and food services, nonwoven wipes with nonwoven structures have become the first choice. Its hygienic performance makes it widely used in sensitive scenes such as hospital operating rooms and food processing environments, ensuring the health of users and patients.
To avoid the impact of fabric residue on equipment and products:
In some industrial applications, fabric residues may have adverse effects on the production and quality of equipment and products. Nonwoven wipes with a non-woven structure have a clear advantage in this regard, as no weaving is required during their manufacture, thus avoiding fibers that may remain on the product.
Improve cleaning performance:
Wiping cloths with a non-woven structure can capture and absorb pollutants more effectively without affecting the wiping effect due to uneven internal structure of the fabric. This helps improve cleaning results, ensuring even and efficient removal of stains and microorganisms when wiping surfaces.

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