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What are the characteristics of the multi-layer structure design of non-woven wiping cloths

Dec 25,2023 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Nonwoven wipes excel in a variety of applications with their multi-layer construction designs.
Variety of materials:
The multi-layer structure design allows the use of different types and properties of fiber materials at different levels. This diversity allows wipers to have multiple properties such as water absorption, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance at the same time to meet the needs of different application scenarios.
Adaptability and customization:
The multi-layer construction design improves the wiper's adaptability and customization. Manufacturers can select fibers with different properties based on the needs of specific applications and adjust the structure and materials of each layer to create wipers more suitable for specific work environments.
Synergies of layered structures:
Each layer of fiber can work in a different way, creating a synergistic effect. For example, one layer may focus on providing high absorbency, while another layer may focus on increasing abrasion resistance. Such a design can combine multiple properties in one wiper to improve its overall performance.
Optimized cleaning results:
Through the design of multi-layer structure, the wiper can complete the cleaning task more comprehensively and thoroughly. Different layers of fibers can handle different types of contaminants at the same time, thereby improving cleaning effectiveness. This is especially important for cleaning tasks that require handling a variety of surfaces and liquids.
Bonding technology between layers:
In order to ensure the stability of multi-layer structures, bonding technology between layers is crucial. Technologies such as hot air bonding, adhesives, and fiber interweaving can be used to enhance the bonding force between layers and improve the overall stability and durability of the wiper.
Increase absorption capacity:
By adding multiple layers, wipes can achieve greater absorbent capacity. Different layers of fiber may absorb liquid at different rates and in different capacities, allowing the wipe to handle more liquid and extend its life.

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