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What are the applications of wet wipes in the hygiene field

Jan 01,2024 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Wet wipes are widely used in the field of hygiene. Their superior cleaning performance and portability make them an important tool for people's daily health care.
Facial cleansing:
Makeup removal: Makeup wipes contain gentle cleansing ingredients that effectively remove makeup, dirt and oil while moisturizing the skin. This is a convenient makeup removal option for everyday makeup wearers, especially when water is not available.
Clean pores: Some wipes contain deep cleaning ingredients that can be used to clean facial pores, prevent pores from being clogged, and reduce the formation of blackheads and acne.
Hand hygiene:
Hand-washing alternative: Wet wipes can be used as an alternative to hand-washing to remove germs and dirt from hands when water and soap are not available. This is very useful during outdoor activities, travel or first aid situations.
Hygiene in public places: Wet wipes can be used to conveniently clean hands when using public transportation, shopping, restaurants and other places to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Body cleansing:
Cleaning the whole body: Medical wipes are often used to clean the whole body, especially for patients who cannot be washed with traditional water, such as bedridden patients and post-operative patients. This helps keep the patient's body clean and reduces the risk of infection.
Baby care: Baby wipes are specially designed for baby skin and can be used to wipe the baby's body to keep the skin fresh and healthy.
Cleaning in special environments:
Emergency situations: In natural disasters and emergencies, wet wipes can be used as emergency cleaning supplies to clean wounds, skin and hands to reduce the risk of infection.
Backcountry Survival: Wet wipes are ideal for outdoor activities and provide a convenient cleaning option in wilderness environments.
Use in medical environments:
Patient Care: Medical wipes are widely used in patient care in medical settings to clean the patient's body, face and other parts to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
Surgical Preparation: In the operating room, wipes are used to clean the patient's skin and help prevent surgical site infections.

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