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The impact of texture design on the cleaning ability of home cleaning wipes

Feb 19,2024 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Home Cleaning Wipes play an important role in daily cleaning, and their cleaning ability is affected by many factors. Among them, texture design is a key factor that directly affects the effectiveness of wet wipes in surface cleaning. .
Increase surface contact area
The primary goal of the texture design is to improve cleaning effectiveness by increasing the contact area of the wipe with the surface. Properly designed textures can better cover the surface when wiping, allowing the wipes to have closer contact with dirt. In this way, the wipes can more effectively absorb and remove stains, bacteria and grease, improving the comprehensiveness and depth of the cleaning effect.
Dirt suspension and decomposition
Texture design isn’t just about increasing contact area, it’s also about mechanisms to effectively suspend and break down dirt. The texture of some professionally designed wet wipes can form tiny suspended spaces when wiping, making it easier for dirt to be adsorbed and subsequently broken down by the cleaning ingredients of the wipes. This mechanism allows the wipes to clean surfaces more thoroughly, rather than just physically removing them.
Antibacterial and antiviral effects
By properly designing the texture, the wipes can better release antibacterial and antiviral ingredients during the wiping process. Some texture designs can ensure that the cleaning ingredients are evenly distributed on the surface of the wipes, improving the wipes' killing effect on bacteria and viruses during the cleaning process. This is essential for household cleanliness and hygiene, especially at a time when the risk of disease transmission is higher.
Prevent secondary pollution
Excellent texture design can also effectively prevent secondary pollution. By designing the texture on the surface of the wipes, dirt can be better absorbed and wrapped to prevent it from redepositing on the surface being cleaned. This property of preventing secondary contamination allows the wipes to keep the surface clean after cleaning, extending the durability of the cleaning effect.
Adaptable to different surfaces
Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques, and textured designs allow wipes to better adapt to different surfaces. For example, some wipes may be textured so that they are smoother on glass surfaces and rougher on uneven surfaces to ensure optimal cleaning in different situations.

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