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The impact of applicable surfaces on the cleaning ability of home cleaning wipes

Feb 26,2024 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Home Cleaning Wipes are a convenient option for modern household cleaning, but their cleaning power is affected by the surface they are applied to. Different surface materials and characteristics require different cleaning treatments, and the performance of Home Cleaning Wipes on applicable surfaces is related to their actual effect in household cleaning.
Requirements for different surface materials
Different surface materials require different cleaning methods and ingredients. For example, glass surfaces may be more sensitive to detergent residue and require cleaning wipes to be wiped more thoroughly during the cleaning process. Wooden surfaces may require special protective ingredients to avoid damage from the cleaning agents in the wipes. Therefore, Home Cleaning Wipes need to be designed with the characteristics of different surfaces in mind to ensure that their cleaning effect is both thorough and gentle.
Surface texture and unevenness
The texture and unevenness of the surface can also affect the cleaning effectiveness of the wipes. Some surfaces may have tiny pores or depressions that require better adsorption capacity of the wipes to effectively remove dirt. The texture design of the applicable surface needs to take these special requirements into account to ensure that the wipes can fully adhere to the surface and clean dirt without leaving any dead spots.
Special treatment of metal surfaces
Metal surfaces may be more sensitive to some ingredients in cleaners and require special treatment. Some Home Cleaning Wipes may have preservatives or antioxidants added to their design to prevent adverse reactions when the wipes are used on metal surfaces. Wet wipes suitable for metal surfaces require a more careful ingredient ratio to ensure cleaning results without causing damage to the metal surface.
Cleaning needs for large surfaces such as floors and walls
For some large surfaces, such as floors and walls, Home Cleaning Wipes need to have larger coverage areas and higher cleaning efficiency. Wipes require greater adsorption capacity on these surfaces to ensure effective dirt removal when cleaning large areas. At the same time, the design of wet wipes may need to take into account the material differences of these surfaces to achieve the best cleaning effect.
Suitability of antibacterial and antiviral ingredients
Certain surfaces, such as kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops, have an even greater need for antibacterial and antiviral capabilities. Home Cleaning Wipes suitable for these surfaces need to contain effective antimicrobial ingredients and be able to release these ingredients evenly when wiped. This ensures that while the wipes are cleaning, they can also kill bacteria on the surface and improve the hygienic effect of cleaning.

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