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How is the water absorption performance of non-woven wipes achieved

Dec 11,2023 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Nonwoven wipes are widely used in various fields due to their excellent water absorption properties.
Fiber selection and blending:
The absorbent properties of nonwoven wipes are affected by fiber selection and blend. Usually fibers with good hydrophilicity are used, such as polypropylene, polyester, etc. By mixing different types of fibers, the water absorption speed and amount of water absorbed by the wiper can be adjusted to meet the needs of different application scenarios.
Melt spinning technology:
The melt spinning technology used in the manufacture of wipes helps create a fine fiber structure, increasing the surface area between fibers and improving water absorbency. The fine fibers help form more capillaries, making it easier for water molecules to be adsorbed, thus improving the overall water absorption efficiency.
Hydrophilic treatment of fibers:
To further increase water absorbency, the fibers of nonwoven wipes are often treated to make them hydrophilic. This treatment can improve the wettability of the fiber surface, making it easier for water molecules to penetrate the fiber, increasing the speed and effect of water absorption.
Structure with high specific surface area:
In the manufacturing process of nonwoven wipes, a structure with a high specific surface area is formed by controlling the melt spinning and hot air bonding of fibers. This structure not only helps improve water absorption, but also helps maintain the stability and structural consistency of the wipes.
The balance between water absorption speed and water retention:
Wipes are designed to balance water absorption speed with water retention. Although high water absorption speed is important for quickly absorbing liquids, good water retention also ensures that the wiper can maintain a clean surface for a long time after absorbing water, increasing its service life.
Suitable for a variety of liquids:
The superior water absorbency of nonwoven wipes makes them suitable not only for water, but also for adsorbing and removing other liquids such as grease, solvents and chemicals. This makes the wipers excellent at cleaning tasks involving a wide range of liquids in industrial and medical applications.
Gentle cleaning of surfaces:
Because the wiper is highly absorbent, it cleans surfaces gently and quickly without excessive force. This is very important for sensitive surfaces such as optical equipment, electronics, and medical equipment to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

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