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How do the home cleaning wipes achieve surface disinfection

Sep 18,2023 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Home cleaning wipes achieve surface disinfection through a combination of factors, including the formulation of the cleaning solution, the material and structure of the wipe, and the mechanical action of wiping. 
Disinfectant Formulation:
Home cleaning wipes contain a cleaning solution that typically includes active disinfecting ingredients. The specific disinfectant used can vary among different brands and products, but common disinfectants found in these wipes include quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, and chlorine compounds like sodium hypochlorite. These active ingredients are chosen for their ability to kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.
Concentration and Contact Time:
Effective disinfection requires the right concentration of the disinfecting agent and sufficient contact time with the surface. Cleaning wipe formulations are carefully designed to provide the necessary concentration of the disinfectant for effective germ-killing. Users must follow the instructions on the wipe's packaging, which typically specify the required contact time. This means the surface must remain wet with the disinfectant for a specified duration to achieve the desired level of disinfection.
Material and Structure of the Wipe:
The material used to make the wipe plays a crucial role in achieving surface disinfection. Home cleaning wipes are typically made from non-woven materials, which are highly absorbent and allow for even distribution of the cleaning solution. The structure of the wipe, including its thickness and texture, helps to physically remove dirt, debris, and microorganisms from the surface.
Mechanical Action:
Wiping a surface with a cleaning wipe provides a mechanical action that helps to dislodge and lift dirt and microorganisms from the surface. This action is especially important when dealing with surfaces that may have visible contaminants or areas where microorganisms are adhered tightly. Users should apply moderate pressure while wiping to ensure thorough cleaning.
Disinfectant Contact and Dwell Time:
Achieving proper disinfection also depends on the surface remaining wet with the disinfectant for the recommended dwell time, which is usually specified on the product label. Users should ensure that they apply enough of the cleaning solution to keep the surface wet for the entire required contact time. If the surface dries too quickly, the disinfection process may be compromised.
Disposable Nature:
Home cleaning wipes are typically designed for single-use or limited use to prevent cross-contamination. This disposable nature ensures that the same wipe is not used on multiple surfaces, reducing the risk of spreading germs from one area to another.
Proper Disposal:
After use, it's essential to dispose of the cleaning wipe properly. Many cleaning wipe packages recommend sealing the used wipe in a plastic bag before placing it in the trash. This helps contain any remaining disinfectant and prevents contamination of other waste in the trash bin.

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