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How To Choose Disposable Cotton Towels?

Feb 03,2023 / / Author: ShengKui

For disposable cotton towels, it is very common in hotels and bath centers, so how much do you know about disposable cotton towels? In daily life, how do we choose disposable cotton towels? The following is the relevant information collected by the editor, and I will introduce it to you, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

1. Price positioning

Factors that affect the price of a towel are fundamentally related to the value of the disposable towel. The price we usually talk about is actually a problem with the quality of the towel. The price of disposable towels will also be relatively higher. Manufacturers and merchants, their purpose is to gain more marketing benefits, which is based on the cost of one trade and pricing. If the production cost is high, then in order to achieve profitability, the market price will be lower. Conversely, the lower the production cost, the cheaper the price will be. For disposable towels with different uses, the size also varies.

2. Product quality

For a towel, we randomly drop a drop of water on it. If the water is stored in the towel immediately without any diffusion, and the quality is not good, the towel will form water droplets, and the water droplets cannot be caught, and they will be scratched down soon. The other is to see if the towel fades. Pure cotton towels are usually dyed with reactive dyes. Of course, when rope towels are used, a large amount of hydrolyzed dyes will be adsorbed on the fibers, which is difficult to clean. If light-colored towels still fade after repeated washing, then the dye is unqualified and belongs to unqualified products.

3. How to choose?

When we choose a towel, we first need to see whether its pure whiteness meets the standard, and compare it with several other manufacturers. When the towel is in it, it gives people a kind of comfort and enjoyment. It feels elastic to the touch and sticks to the face. It is also comfortable to wear, so this towel has a good texture, and the water absorption is better for disposable towels, which require high-quality cotton yarn, advanced technology, and perfect testing and inspection methods.

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