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How To Choose Different Wipes For Different Occasions

Aug 05,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

There are so many types of wet wipes, such as hand and mouth wipes, antiperspirant wipes, alcohol wipes, etc. You can choose different wipes for different occasions, do you know?

Ordinary wipes

Primarily used to cleanse the skin. The ingredients of the original solution are usually distilled water or purified water, disinfectant, essence, and high-end products also include aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and other skincare ingredients, which are suitable for going out and disposable.

Alcohol wipes

Alcohol-containing wipes can be used for disinfection and sterilization, and you can usually use them to wipe items. After the epidemic, the demand for alcohol wipes has risen sharply. It is recommended that you keep them on your body at any time and disinfect them in time in public or on business trips, but it is best not to wipe the skin, which may cause skin damage, especially for children and People allergic to alcohol may experience symptoms such as skin erythema and itching after wiping the skin.

Women's maintenance and disinfection special wipes

The original solution is pure water and cationic antibacterial and sterilizing body, which can effectively clean the skin and obtain the effects of sterilization, cleaning and deodorization.

makeup remover wipes

The original solution is a weakly acidic remover, which can be removed by wiping lightly.

baby hand and mouth wipes
Such wet wipes have high requirements on raw materials, and the stock solution is generally pure water. And the hand and mouth wipe under Xue En Baby: Through EDI deionized pure water technology, and after 6 filtration treatments, traces of charged particles and weak electrolytes are removed from the water, and the weakly acidic skin-friendly formula has a PH value close to that of the baby. The skin can avoid damaging the baby's sebum layer, so it will not rub the baby's skin when using it, and it can better care for the baby's skin.

antiperspirant wipes

Refers to the wet wipes used for underarm sweating care to reduce discomfort and odor caused by excessive sweating and bacterial growth. It is suitable for people who are troubled by excessive sweat under the armpit and are troubled by the smell of sweat, especially suitable for people who are prone to sweating with developed underarm sweat glands, people who love sports, long-distance travelers, outdoor operators, and operators in high-temperature environments.

pet wipes

Just like humans use wet wipes, pet wipes are disposable hygiene products specially designed for pet dogs or cats, etc. It is used for pets to remove tear stains, sterilization, and disinfection care, etc. It is also necessary to prepare a bag for your pet.

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