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How To Choose Baby Wipes Carefully

Jul 22,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

For parents, the baby is the heart of the heart, and they can't wait to give him the best in the world. Baby wipes are a must-have for daily baby care, and naturally, they must choose carefully. So how should you choose?

1. Be safe enough

The skin of a newborn baby is only one-tenth as thin as an adult's. The sebum film is very thin and it is easy to be sensitive to. If the wet wipes are stimulated by additives such as fluorescent agents and preservatives, it is easy to stimulate the baby's allergies and redness. , dry itching.

Therefore, when buying wet wipes for your baby, you must choose a product with a high reputation and a good price/performance ratio. Check whether the product packaging has a hygienic qualified license and whether the raw materials are pure and safe. Do not buy wet wipes that are too white. Excessive whitening agents and fluorescent agents are added, which is a safety hazard.

2. Be soft enough

Different from adults, the skin of newborns is delicate and sensitive.

Softness is definitely a very important indicator when choosing wipes for your baby.

Wet wipes that are too rough, rough, and piercing the skin may cause discomfort to the baby's skin, the friction is too heavy, and it will hurt the baby.

Most of the baby wipes on the market are made of environmentally friendly spun lace non-woven fabrics, which are soft and skin-friendly, without the slightest roughness, delicate and smooth, and will be more comfortable for babies.

3. Good flexibility

Wet wipes that are too thin and brittle are not suitable for babies. If they break when they are pulled during use, the dirt may penetrate into the hands, especially when cleaning the baby's poop, everyone must be aware of it. Wet wipes that are too thin are really useless.

Choose wet wipes with a thick cloth and a certain degree of flexibility for your baby as much as possible. You can choose to stretch the test with both hands and observe whether the wipes are deformed, fluffed, fluffed, drawn, or pilled during the multiple stretching processes. If there is a condition, it means that its flexibility is relatively poor.

4. Moisturizing effect is better

When choosing wet wipes, presumably mothers will pay more attention to the water absorption and moisturizing effect of wet wipes. Some wet wipes have not been taken out for a long time, and after a few wipes, the water will dry out, and the quality is really indescribable.

The baby's skin barrier function is relatively weak. Try to choose baby wipes that are comparable to pure water. RO pure water has high purity and is more friendly, does not contain impurities, and has a better moisturizing effect. It can effectively add a layer of moisturizing protective film to the baby's pp., and care for every inch of delicate skin.

Wet wipes with good moisturizing strength, wipe the baby's buttocks, moisturizing more lasting, effectively remove urine and stool stains, and it will be easier to use.

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