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Do You Use Disposable Non-woven Towels?

Apr 02,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

A disposable towel is a cotton towel made of 100% natural cotton. Because it is produced by advanced cotton spinning non-woven technology and then processed by high pressure steam sterilization, it is soft, fine and absorbent. It is a new eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products.

Disposable face towels, at least cleaner than towels and paper towels. Using a normal towel for 3 months, the number of colonies per square centimeter exceeds 3 million, while using a towel for 6 months is estimated to exceed 6 million. We thought it might be dirty instead of the toilet. So we don't recommend using it.

There are usually 3 different disposable towel patterns such as plain, grid and pearl patterns.

The material is usually 40 to 60 GSM spunbond to make disposable towels.

The fabric is cut and folded by automatic units. So it's very clean and low cost.

Size and bag can be customized according to your REQEUST.

It is widely used in travel, hair salon, hospital, hotel, sports, beach, beauty salon, baby, etc.

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