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Do You Know About Kitchen Wipes?

May 20,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Kitchen cleaning has always been a headache. For example, old oil stains on stoves and smoking machines, spicy and greasy pots and pans, and sticky cabinet handles, these hard-to-clean stains cannot be wiped off directly with traditional rags and must be stained with detergent. What's more troublesome is that the rag is very dirty after a few uses, and it is easy to breed bacteria. It is simply a moving bacterial "Petri dish", but it has become a health hazard at home. For this reason, various kitchen wipes have emerged, which are convenient and labor-saving, saving people from "distressed waters".


kitchen towel. Tough, oil-absorbing, and versatile, kitchen paper can replace rags for easier and more efficient cleaning of your kitchen. However, it is not easily dissolved by water, so it cannot be thrown into the sewer after use. Kitchen paper can be used not only for cleaning but also for cooking, directly absorbing moisture and oil from food.


Kitchen wipes. General kitchen wipes contain active degreasing ingredients, which can meet the basic needs of cleaning oil in the kitchen and can quickly decompose oil. However, its cleaning ingredients are different from kitchen detergents. It contains chemical substances that remove heavy oil stains, and it is easy to leave residues when wiping dishes, so it cannot replace a clean rag. When purchasing kitchen wipes, you should pay attention to the decontamination ability, and whether it is safe, gentle, and does not hurt your hands.


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