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Do I Need A Cotton Pad To Apply Lotion?

Jan 06,2023 / / Author: ShengKui

Many times when I go to the cosmetics counter, the salesperson will say to use a cotton pad to apply lotion, but many sisters feel that when using a cotton pad to apply lotion, they always feel that a lot of it is absorbed by the cotton pad, wasting the lotion, so do I need to use a cotton pad to apply lotion? ? Is it better to apply the lotion by hand or with a cotton pad? In fact, it is better to use a cotton pad to apply lotion.

1. Do I need to use a cotton pad to apply lotion?

To apply lotion, you need to use a cotton pad. Experts suggest and advocate the use of cotton pads, but it does not mean that lotion cannot be rubbed with hands. Lotions can be rubbed with hands or cotton pads, but for moisturizing lotions, it is best to use cotton pads, so that the skin will Better absorption. Hand rubs are fine if you're using a light lotion and you're doing it right.

2. Use a cotton pad to wipe evenly

The size and thickness of each person's hands are different. When applying lotion with both hands, it is difficult to cover the face completely. However, the surface of the cotton pad is flat and tidy, and it will be more evenly applied than the hands when applying it, and it is not easy to appear. The dead angle position can cover all corners of the face, such as the nose, hairline and other positions.

3. Use a cotton pad to help absorb

The lotion itself has a thick texture and strong moisturizing properties, especially the moisturizing lotion, the skin absorbs slowly, often a few minutes after application, the face is still shiny, at this time, use a cotton pad to make the lotion absorb better, the same time, the cotton pad will take away some of the oil in the lotion, making the face more refreshing and comfortable.

4. Use cotton pads to save more consumption

The human palm skin has a layer of cells called the "transparent layer", which can absorb external nutrition, so when applying lotion with hands, it is easy for hands to absorb the ingredients of lotion, thereby increasing the final usage amount, while cotton pads themselves cannot Absorb the nutrients of skin care products so that all the nutrients enter the face, and the amount is relatively saved.

5. Using cotton pads is more clean and hygienic

People's hands are one of the places where bacteria are most likely to fall. If you rub the lotion with bacteria, the bacteria will penetrate deep into the skin along with the lotion, which may cause a series of skin problems, but there is no such problem with cotton pads. Make-up Cotton is usually packed in a sealed box or bag, which is more hygienic than hands when used.

6. Using cotton pads can play a secondary cleaning role

When rubbing lotion with a cotton pad, the cotton pad can play a role in secondary cleaning. The action of wiping will take away the waste cutin on the surface of the skin, making skincare products easier to absorb, and applying lotion by hand does not have the effect of secondary cleaning. Cleaning effect.

7. How to wipe the lotion with a cotton pad

Take a piece of cotton pad, pour an appropriate amount of lotion on it, soak the cotton pad, and press it slowly on the face with the cotton pad.

When smearing, you should first apply to the U-zone, that is, the cheeks and chin of the face, because these two areas are usually short of water and should focus on moisturizing, while the T-zone usually has a lot of oil, and the lotion is more moisturizing. Need to take a little over the T zone.

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