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Disposable Face Towel Is A Removable Dry Towels

Jul 01,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

A disposable face towel is a kind of removable dry towel. It is a disposable sterile sanitary product used in facial cleansing and care, beauty and makeup removal, etc. in recent years. It has the advantages of hygiene, sterility, softness, and convenience.

The face towel, a disposable product that looks like a piece of paper and is used as a cloth, actually belongs to a category of soft cotton towels. The cotton soft towel was originally positioned in the category of mother and baby, but the company gradually found the development space of face towel from the usage scenarios and needs of mothers.

The material of the face towel is very large, and the material of the face towel is mainly divided into two types, non-woven fabric, and cotton. The raw materials they use are different, so the feel is different. In addition, different materials are associated with different textures and usage scenarios, which also means different price differences.

Towels are an indispensable daily necessity in our lives, but many people do not pay attention to the hygiene of towels and hang them in the wet space of the toilet after use, which is very easy to breed bacteria. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, use all Washing your face with a bacterial towel can cause skin problems.

Compared with traditional towels, disposable face towels can effectively avoid the problem of poor softness after repeated washing, and will not cause health hazards such as rapid growth of bacteria and other microorganisms caused by long-term wetness.

Compared with ordinary paper towels, disposable face towels can be used both dry and wet. Compared with wet wipes, disposable face wipes have no chemical ingredients added and are not easily deformed, making them safer, healthier, and more convenient. Therefore, as consumers' personal care concepts continue to upgrade, disposable face washcloths have become an ideal substitute for traditional towels, paper towels, and wet wipes in facial care.

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