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Baby Care Wipes Buying Points

Sep 16,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

For a baby, the needs are actually very simple, but this does not mean that the needs of the baby can be fulfilled. There are a dizzying array of baby care wipes on the market today, some can significantly improve mothers’ ability to take care of their children, are convenient and affordable, and some are well advertised but don’t use them often after buying them back.

Shopping points

1. You should have a detailed understanding of the origin of the product and the qualifications of the manufacturing company or distribution company;

2. You should check the quality inspection report of the product in detail, and some products will also have a product trial experience report;

3. Sanwu baby products cannot be purchased, and business advertisements cannot be trusted, and the method of selecting products must be mastered;

4. Choose baby products, try to choose manufacturers or distributors with good after-sales service, you can learn about users' reputation of the brand and products online!

5. To guard against the deceptiveness of fake foreign brands and fake foreign goods. Do not buy pure foreign language packaging, which is banned in China; do not buy those without a certificate number, foreign products sold in China must obtain a certificate number issued by the Chinese quality authority; quality inspection reports refer to batches of products, and enterprises themselves can also issued, the reliability is low. To identify whether it is a fake or foreign product, the common method is to go to the national authoritative website (mainly the quality supervision department and the industrial and commercial administration department), check the qualification of the manufacturer, and how the company packs it.

6. For electronic and electrical products, the national testing standards have always been based on the corresponding standards in the United States and Europe. The quality of domestic electrical appliances has been relatively stable for many years. The output of Chinese electrical appliances accounts for more than 50% of the world. As long as they are domestic famous brands, they can basically be used with confidence.

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