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Are Disinfecting Wipe Toxic After They Expire?

Dec 02,2022 / / Author: ShengKui

Disinfecting wipes have a certain shelf life. After the shelf life, the sterilizing ingredients will be reduced. Therefore, it is best not to use expired disinfectant wipes.

Of course, it doesn't mean that the expired disinfectant wipes can't be used at all. It's a pity to throw them away directly. It's a pity to make the best use of them. As long as it is not used to wipe the skin for disinfection, it will not cause harm to the human body. Expired disinfectant wipes can be used as ordinary wipes to polish shoes, tables, stools and dust. Anyway, it can't be ruined, it's just a different place to shine.

There are many types of wet wipes on the market at present, such as cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, makeup remover wipes, female private parts care wipes, etc., but no matter what kind of wet wipes, once the shelf life has passed, it is best not to use them To wipe the skin, the wet wipes contain RO pure water, disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients to maintain the cleanliness and sterilization ability of the wet wipes, and the wet wipes after the shelf life will decline in all aspects of function, and The longer the expiration time, the greater the damage to human health caused by use. Kalijing disinfectant wipes are produced in a sterile purification workshop from raw materials to finished products. The whole process is strictly controlled aseptically, and the product quality has passed professional inspection. Strict control achieves assured quality, Kalijing, the assured choice for you and your family!

Although expired disinfectant wipes will not directly become "toxic wipes", their ability to disinfect and sterilize will be reduced. If we continue to use them, we will not be able to achieve our purpose of disinfection, and long-term use may even cause damage to the skin. Therefore, Expired disinfectant wipes must not be used to disinfect the skin, they can only be used to wipe items.

The shelf life of disinfectant wipes is relatively long, generally 2 years. Generally, household use of disinfectant wipes rarely expires after storage. We only need to see the production date and shelf life marked on the package of disinfectant wipes when purchasing, so we can rest assured Bought.

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