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Always wash your hands.

May 22,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

Before you touch or take care of your baby, make sure to wash your hands with liquid soap to prevent spreading germs that cause flu, colds, diarrhea and other contagious illnesses. But while you are traveling, the most convenient way to wipe away dust particles from your hands is to use water wipes. You will probably have them on you most of the time, anyway. Anuvi, mom and an Amazon customer boasts about the multifunctionality of water wipes -

“Tried this product for the first time for my year & half old twins. It rightly claims to be 98% water, & is just that! Very gentle on the baby’s skin and my skin too. I’m quite impressed with the product and it definitely meets international standards. Highly recommended” - Anuvi

By following all of the above hygiene tips, your baby will surely be the cleanest baby on the block. And if you’re looking for baby wipes that will help you along in this journey then you know where to go.  Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes are specifically designed for your baby’s delicate skin and are as good as pure water and cotton. 

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