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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kitchen Paper Towels And Kitchen Wipes

Feb 10,2023 / / Author: ShengKui

When cleaning your kitchen, you need a lot of tools, including wipes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen paper towels and kitchen wipes?

1. Kitchen paper towels

Advantages: Kitchen paper towels are mainly clean and hygienic to use, and will not cause secondary transmission of bacteria. They can be used not only for household cleaning but also for absorbing food moisture and oil. The kitchen paper towel can be folded and placed on the bottom of the oil filter box of the range hood to absorb excess oil stains and prevent stubborn oil stains from accumulating in the box. To a certain extent, it can be cleaned out at one time, which is more convenient to clean. Of course, the most important thing is that when doing kitchen affairs, kitchen paper towels can be used to absorb moisture from dishes, wipe stoves, range hoods, etc. Because kitchen paper towels are thick and have strong water absorption without leaving lint or paper scraps, they are also very suitable for household cleaning in non-kitchen places such as mirrors, glass windows, and tables, and the use effect is better than rags.

Disadvantages: Due to the disposable characteristics of kitchen paper towels, it is easy to cause waste, and it is not very durable to use.

2. Kitchen wipes

Advantages: Kitchen wipes have a bactericidal effect, with a sterilizing rate of 99.99%. The disinfecting effect of kitchen wipes belongs to the active degreasing effect. Compared with soaking a rag and then adding detergent, it only needs one swipe, which is suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of modern young people. In addition, while cleaning oil stains, it can also disinfect the surface of objects, creating a clean and clean kitchen environment for us.

The fragrance of kitchen wipes does not hurt hands, and sterilization does not mean alcohol. Kitchen wipes are non-alcoholic disinfection, which can effectively remove Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, etc., and is non-irritating. The added lemon essence adds fragrance to your kitchen virtually.

Cons: Kitchen wipes can damage cell membranes, causing rashes, dry skin, contact dermatitis, and surface damage to the skin. Kitchen degreasing wipes are harmful to the human body, and the propylene glycol in the wipes is harmful to the human body. So it is best to wear gloves when using them.

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